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“” phishing fruckus


I am writing this because I cannot tweet it!

 Last week I picked up a new affiliation. ““, a third-party twitter service program. Within about two hours of signing up and doing all the “stuff” to get it in position/integrated with everything else. Twitter shut me down and sent me a “phishing malware” warning regarding one of the auto-posts put out by

 I jumped through all the hoops of correcting things on my end. Mailed a complaint to, got an auto-respond and a follow-up “sorry, working on it” reply. That was all thursday through saturday morning.

Today (thursday again:-), I get an email from twitter saying: 

“Uh oh! We found a bad apple in your Twitter feed.
We detected a link in your account pointing to a phishing site or other harmful material that we identified as malware. Here’s the troublesome post:
Text:”@CarterTwins said to me that I should follow you. Would love 2 network.”
Date:December 16, 2009 02:37 
We removed this tweet from Twitter. Please be mindful of others in the Twitter community, and post only safe links on”

Thus began a bad way to drink good coffee!

 This email is in regards to a auto-ad of “” posted by somebody else to somebody else that just came through my stream. I didn’t click on it or anything. I saw it go by, and recognize it as the referenced tweet.

 As of this writing (4hrs later). Twitter still has me shut out of my account. Consequently, I am shut out of all twitter-relative activity. Tweetdeck, all of em. Because they are sinced off of my twitter account. I have again gone through all the hoops, change this, that, etc… I expect that it will resume…sometime.

 But as one trying to make any kind of business on twitter, this is not a good thing. The ad also bled on to my facebook news stream yesterday a.m.. That was from the auto-generated affiliate ad set-up. That I had ALREADY canceled!!!

 I have re-emailed about this latest event and informing them that they will remove all my info from their files and completely dissolve any attachment with me.

 I received an auto-responder.

Stay tuned…

 The up…

Account Support to me
show details Dec 18 (2 days ago)


Yes we have been trying to resolve the issue with Twitter and for whatever reason
they have a problem with our service, which has dragged on the resolution of these
issues. We have deleted your information from our database so you shouldn’t have any more

Allen Account Support

I replied with recognition for their efforts and and a thank you for complying with my directions.

I hope they get things straightend out with twitter. Their presented premise was attractive.

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