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The Wee Beastie is back:-)!


With a new name… “HK”
Docs say “nick of time” and “full recovery”!  

"Do you even know how to use that?" (camera)

He’s been shaved, poked, prodded, bled, injected, detected, and selected, flushed, and blown up like a balloon!
But! He got to flirt with some nurses;-)! And that ain’t bad! ;-)!
Some “take home” meds and a change of diet and he’ll be a retarted, lazy, opinionated, keyboard lounging, laser-toy ninja again in no time!

The people at Pavillion Animal hospital in Richardson,Texas were awesome!
Dr. Grimes is a wonderful gentleman and his staff are seasoned, compassionate, and on point about getting YOUR pet CARED for.
THAT is getting alarmingly rare!
The first two vets I went to said to put him to sleep when they found out I couldn’t pay up front or “qualify” for the new nat’l “Care something or another” insurance that most of the veterinarians are using now.

"Uh... M Y mouse!"

Fortunately I had standing credit with Pavillion (over 40mi away)!
They worked out an OVER genrous pay schedule.
GAVE me (the cat!) a pet carrier (mostly new!;-), aside from the charged services.

"Why does he keep setting my cup OVER there?!?"

I cannot exagerate the relief! I was prepared for a hostage situation if things had gone badly.
I had considered bringing and was prepared to use in recital… a copy of all my twitter postings, ads/RTs/DMs, qoutes & one-liners to read at them if necessary!
In hindsight it’s good that I only have one full ink cartridge;-)!

I was fortunate to find Dr. Grimes’s clinic two years ago when “MY” last pet began to decline. It was a terrible 6wks, he just dropped like a stone, he contracted a sudden anemea and subsequint feline diabieties due to a flea infestation at the apt. I had recently moved into at the time.

I reacted to the situation as soon as it appeared, 12-14hr shifts take their toll on your attention span, but it was too much for the little guy. He was my friend for 16yrs. His name was Hopeful.
I got him back in ’93 by NOT running over him in the middle of the night after someone else had.
He was fur soup! The emergency vet I drove him to had little hope, but we tried anyway. That’s how he got his name. He had to be re-built! Lots of wire, graphs, pins. He was my Bionic Cat! 🙂
My dog at the same time had a similar story. Both “roadkill”, got them vetted up and they stayed. I’m an easy mark I guess.

"Get back to tweeting those ads! I'll think about overlooking the cup. Thin ice buddy! You'rrrrre really skating today!!!"

Even though he’s not MY pet, I confess I’ve gotten fond of this little floor mat with claws. He’s got some back-story of his own before he arrived here, just like me and he’s become a constant companion these past months while we’ve plied the net in search of better ways to buy him catnip;-) loL!
He’s actually a mint nut!! Just goes flippo over menthol, oils, gum, candies, and rootbeer! What’s up with that?!?

It’s not easy for me to ask for help. Except when it’s for someone else or “else’s”. Even with the amazing flexability of Dr.Grimes’s grace the “new bill” of $650.00 is an unforseen finacial ham-string.

I previously mentioned that I have been unemployed for almost a full year, and have had no profit headway in my online efforts to date.
My roommate, HK’s actual owner has lost 100’s of hrs of work this year, and still bore the brunt of mostly supporting two adults in this present economy.
I sold my ROTH (last thing I had) last month to pay down bills and increasing debt. If only the emergency had happened then!
I’ve really got to get those on schedule!

Thank you to all who have responded with your care and concern! Truly. Thank you!

Any contribution to the “Bring The Cat Home” fund is heartfuly appreciated.
EVERY penny will go directly to Paying the bill for Dr.Grimes’s services. He and his staff saved the cat’s life (literally).
I will provide screenshot copies of all transactions in this regard to any contributor that would like them.
This is an entirely transparent effort of requesting help to help someone (and a critter;-).

In the event that an overage should occure in donation. I would like to hold a poll or suggestion of use for the remaining proceeds. I thought I might contribute it to someone’s premium affiliate or course “upgrade” if we made a contest out of it or something.
You’re the smartest and most imaginative (and FUN:-) people I know/have met and enjoy!
I hope to hear some suggestions!:-)

Well, this has been fairly akward for me. It’s not my typical manner of “sharing”, but hey! It’s called “social media” isn’t it?
I’m very grateful for your time and input.
Thank you.
I wish you all a very Blessed and MERRY CHRISTMAS!
The PayPal addy is:

"It's not easy being the boss of you!" "Wake me for second breakfastess!"

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